1 Assist, 2 Big chances created for the youngest captain in Euro’s history Dominik Szoboszlai, as his nation was unable to have a good opening start in a 3-1 defeat to Switzerland

By wearing the captain’s armband in the match against Switzerland, Hungarian midfielder Dominik Szoboszlai officially entered the history of EURO tournaments.

The Hungarian national team has the opening match of EURO 2024 against the Swiss national team. In this match, both sides launched their best players. For the Hungarian national team, midfielder Dominik Szoboszlai was given the captain’s armband by coach Marco Rossi and played from the start.

Thus, Szoboszlai officially entered the history of EURO tournaments. Accordingly, the Liverpool player officially became the youngest captain in EURO history at the age of 23 years, 7 months and 21 days.


Szoboszlai will be given the captaincy of the Hungarian team from November 2022. At that time, this midfielder also set a record for the Hungarian national team when he wore the captain’s armband at the age of 22. At this year’s EURO, the Liverpool midfielder officially had a new record for himself.


Speaking at a recent press conference, Szoboszlai said: “A few days ago, I learned that I will be the youngest captain of all time at EURO. This is a great honor for me, and I would like to thank Marco Rossi for trusting me and giving me the opportunity to lead the team to attend EURO.”

Szoboszlai is not only the leader but also the talisman of the Hungarian team. All of their attacks must go through the feet of a star on the Liverpool payroll. Coach Rossi assigned Szoboszlai a role of freedom of movement because he felt it suited him best.

“I think that in this team, Dominik is recognized as the leader of the team. Not only because he has leadership qualities but also because of his skills and especially his position on the field. We are playing a more liberal style of football, and Dominik is a player who, along with many others, is free to go where he feels he can go,” coach Rossi said.

However, the Hungarian team did not play impressively on the day Szoboszlai entered history. Right in the first half of the match against Switzerland, Hungary had to concede two goals. Szoboszlai personally did not play well in the first 45 minutes. 

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