Trent Alexander-Arnold signs £26M contract with Adidas after ending long-standing deal with Under Armour… with LFC star set to become one of the brand’s biggest names alongside Jude Bellingham

Trent Alexander-Arnold and Real Madrid’s Jude Bellingham, both English players, have agreed to a multi-year, £26 million pact.


Trent Alexander-Arnold chính thức gia nhập Adidas – Urixx Football - Cửa hàng giày đá banh - Giày đá bóng chính hãng

The vice captain of Liverpool, who scored a goal on Saturday against Manchester City, was seen sporting these odd, vintage-looking adidas Predators. Alexander-Arnold has been connected to Under Armour since his adolescent breakthrough, but their collaboration is set to end.

CentreGoals. on X: "Trent Alexander-Arnold is rocking a pair of unrealised Adidas predators." / XThe American company used Alexander-Arnold as the face of its football campaigns worldwide, and tried to retain him on staff. Still, the 25-year-old was drawn in by adidas’s enticing offer, which featured a prominent job as one of their brand’s faces.

Alexander-Arnold is regarded by German sportswear brand adidas as one of the greatest football players of all time, and it is expected that he will eventually unseat Virgil van Dijk as captain. He will be featured in a major advertising campaign.Since the age of six, when he first enrolled in the academy, Alexander-Arnold has worn Predators. The England player will have his own signature collection from adidas for the length of the multi-year contract, which may lead to further royalties. An impressive €30 million is predicted to be made from the business deal.

Liverpool vice-captain Trent Alexander-Arnold has signed a £26m boot deal with Adidas

Adidas and Liverpool’s vice captain Trent Alexander-Arnold have signed a £26 million shoe deal.

Alexander-Arnold wore a pair of old-school style, unreleased adidas Predator boots v City

Against City, Alexander-Arnold wore a pair of retro-styled, never-before-released adidas Predator boots.

The 25-year-old England international previously wore Under Armour bootsThe 25-year-old English sportsman formerly wore shoes made by Under Armour.

In a promotional video, Alexander-Arnold revealed that he grew up adoring Adidas boots and that Liverpool’s amazing Champions League final victory against AC Milan in 2005 served as inspiration.Predator boots were on Steven Gerrard, one of the main players in Liverpool’s amazing comeback against Milan. “I always made sure to wear those boots when I had the ball at my feet,” he remarked. My true source of inspiration at the time came from Istanbul. The players, the game, and the boots. The sneakers were never stored in my purse. I suppose I’ve always known that I will return eventually.

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