Dynamic duo Luis Diaz and Diogo Jota team up for an Adidas photoshoot, rocking the stylish Z.N.E hoodie!

Liverpool’s gifted Luis Diaz and his teammate Diogo Jota recently took part in an intriguing Adidas photo shoot.



The two donned the newest Adidas Z.N.E hoodie to flaunt their sense of style and agility. Diaz and Jota’s charismatic personalities and football prowess made them a fearsome combination throughout the campaign.

Their bold personalities complemented the Z.N.E hoodie’s contemporary design and cosy fit well. This collaboration highlights both players’ growing celebrity and the stylish attractiveness of Adidas clothing.

Fans can expect to see Diaz and Jota elegantly represent Adidas in the fashion business as well as on the football pitch.

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