LEGENDARY STYLE: Luis Diaz collaborates with Adidas to launch the Adidas X footwear line, transcending both speed and the iconic narrative of wearing the number 7 jersey, symbolizing a paradise for Red Devils’ace

Wearing Liverpool’s famous No. 7 shirt does not bother Luis Diaz.

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 A sign of how highly regarded he is by the Reds, the 26-year-old Colombian has inherited the famed shirt worn by Luis Suarez, Kevin Keegan, and Kenny Dalglish. 

 Despite the fact that many would find it impossible to follow in Diaz’s optimistic footsteps, she maintains an optimistic outlook on life. 

Quoted as saying, “It is not pressure I feel,” in an interview with LiveScore. I find that it is incredibly enjoyable.

 Great players have worn this shirt before me, so I try to relax and enjoy wearing it as much as possible.

Luis Diaz will give his all to help Colombia reach the World Cup | LiveScore


 “It is a number I like, one that I have worn for previous clubs, and it makes me determined to play even better and enjoy wearing the No7.”

 Diaz has had a challenging rise to prominence.  

 A professional team did not sign him until he was seventeen years old, but that arduous journey prepared him for obstacles like the ligament damage that kept him out of action for six months last season. 

 In retrospect, Diaz said, “I will admit, it was tough.

 Although my injury was challenging, I am overjoyed to be able to return to playing the sport I love.

 It was a trying time, and I attribute my strength of character and resilience to how I handled myself mentally and emotionally during that time.

 Those training facilities that other players have were not available to me years ago. I was not educated at an academy.

 “But it makes me feel better now, seeing where I have got to and knowing I needed to fight to achieve big things and play for a big club like Liverpool.”

 Diaz scored twice in his first four Premier League games this season, quickly putting that rough patch in the past.

 After assisting Colombia to a 4-0 record in their first two 2026 World Cup qualifying matches, he will be hoping to carry that momentum into Saturday’s match against Wolves with the Reds. 

 Diaz has confidence in the team’s ability to have a successful season. I am in a really good mood about it.

 Although [the years 2022–23] were challenging, we are now in a strong position. Great players, a fantastic manager, and an outstanding coaching staff make up our team.

 The speed with which Alexis Mac Allister and other new Liverpool players have fitted in has given Diaz confidence.

 No one can dispute that he loves the new players that have joined the club, he continued. 

Liverpool star Luis Diaz models his new adidas X Crazyfast boots

 “It’s amazing they are now here, showing their quality.”

 Defences face a scary proposition in Diaz, who got off to a late start as a professional and is still improving.

 According to the trickster, his game has reached new heights since he joined Liverpool from Porto in January 2022.

 After working with Jurgen Klopp, he saw a “huge improvement” in himself. Being a better player is all down to him.

 His efforts, along with those of the coaching staff, have been outstanding. 

 “They have improved me tactically and physically and it is all about giving 100% in every single game.”

 No one should be surprised if Diaz keeps his foot on the gas. 

 My goal is to get better every day, the Kop favourite said. However, my decision-making skills would likely be the first to go if I had to choose one area to work on.

 There is always opportunity for growth, but I feel like I have made great strides in that area. Another area I would like to improve is my understanding of tactics.

 Diaz appears to have a bright future ahead of him, which is great news for Liverpool fans.

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