‘DEVIL ROSE’ – Fans love Man Utd stars as they wear Stone Roses special edition kit including Mainoo, McTominay, Rashford and Garnacho

MANCHESTER UNITED have released a special edition kit and clothing range in collaboration with The Stone Roses.

However, Alejandro Garnacho’s pose for the promotional shots have left supporters baffled.

Marcus Rashford was one of the models for the new collection

Fans were baffled by Alejandro Garnacho’s pose

The collection has been made with Adidas


The clothes are inspired by The Stone Roses album covers

One of the kits in the collection makes use of the paint-splattered design from The Stones Roses’ first album cover.

The objects that were used to announce the partnership are meant to evoke the 1980s ‘Madchester’ period.

Marcus Rashford, 26, a Manchester United player, modeled the clothing. Rashford is shown wearing a tracksuit top and bucket hat.

Fans were perplexed by Garnacho’s appearance in one of the kit tops because he was seen eating a lemon. Garnacho is 19 years old.

Fans loved the collection as some described it as “dope” and “cool” but others were keen to comment on the Argentine’s pose.

One posted: “I’m sorry, what the fluff is Garnacho doing with the lemon?”

A second wrote: “If it has to do with Roses, why in the hell is Garnacho keeping a lemon in his mouth?”

A third commented: “What’s the lemon about?”

A fourth said: “Lemon in his mouth? Who convinced him to do this.”

Another added: “Well seeing Granacho with a lemon in his mouth was not something I was expecting to see today but alright.”

Kobbie Mainoo starred in a bucket hat


Whilst a lot of fans were baffled, there was an explanation for the lemon, with the fruit appearing on the cover of the Roses’ 1989 debut album.

The pre-match part of the collection will be used on February 11 ahead of the Premier League clash at Villa Park against Aston Villa.

The women’s team will also wear the outfits for the FA Cup tie against Southampton.

The Stone Roses were formed in Manchester in 1983 and consisted of vocalist Ian Brown, guitarist John Squire, bassist Gary ‘Mani’ Mounfield and drummer Alan John ‘Reni’ Wren.

The Stone Roses were formed in Manchester in 1983

The Stone Roses were formed in Manchester in 1983

The debut album cover featuring lemons which has become a symbol of the band.

Squire told Q magazine in 2001: “Ian had met this French man when he was hitching around Europe.

“This bloke had been in the riots, and he told Ian how lemons had been used as an antidote to tear gas.”

At Old Trafford, their song This Is The One is played as the players enter the field.

Other songs by the band, including Made Of Stone, are also available at the ground.

According to Gary Neville’s explanation on an episode of The Overlap, the song’s introduction was written by the legendary club owner.

He said: “When I became captain, I put This Is The One to walk out to and it has been there ever since.”

Man United used to walk out to the theme song from Rocky, but Neville argued that it had little relation to Manchester as the film is set in Philidelphia.


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