A dedicated Swiftie skips work to purchase Eras Tour merch, concealing their identity with a blanket inspired by the ghosts from Taylor Swift’s ‘Anti-Hero’ music video

Fans of pop sensation Taylor Swift are demonstrating that they will stop at nothing to help her. 

Two Swifties from Louisville, Kentucky, informed Annie Brown of WKRC-TV on Friday that they left work early to purchase merchandise from the Eras Tour. They managed to avoid being recognised by hiding under a blanket. 

Wearing a pink blanket with polka dots, one of the Swifties completed the ensemble with sunglasses, maybe as a subliminal reference to the “Anti-Hero” music video, in which Swift converses with ghosts dressed in bed linens and eyeglasses.

Swift’s past is symbolised by the tokens worn by the ghosts in the video, as previously reported by Callie Ahlgrim of Insider. 



The Swiftie interviewed on RC-TV (L) and a ghost in Taylor Swift's "Anti Hero" music video (R).

The unidentified fans, as Brown mentioned at the beginning of the interview, travelled to Cincinnati in advance of Swift’s Eras Tour performances in Ohio, which were held on Saturday and Sunday.

Brown stated that the two arrived around 2:45 a.m. after waiting a long for the merchandise sale.

They appeared to be in high spirits despite the early start. The fan in the duo that Brown mostly interviewed responded that it’s “very true” that they care about Swift a lot when asked how much she means to them, considering that they had even gone so far as to take a sick day from work to celebrate. 

“I almost named my daughter’s middle name Taylor,” they stated. 

They claimed they were going to the Saturday night performance, maybe with a girl who was eleven years old.

“It’s her first time,” they declared. “She made a bunch of friendship bracelets, I’ve gotten friendship bracelets here from all these sweet people so I’m very excited.”

Among the most unforgettable moments from Swift’s Eras Tour is the Swiftie shrouded in blankets. 

The endearing TikTok of an elderly security guy at one of the Glendale, Arizona Eras Tour events dancing wildly and joining in with fans is one of the concert series’ most popular moments.

Recently, a video of Swift racing off the stage during a technical issue during the second night of her concerts in Cincinnati has gone viral on social media. 

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