Inside Kun Aguero’s livestream room – Where Man City legend often calls Messi as there is a bad game

Kun Aguero is a name that is not unfamiliar to football lovers, as a striker with notorious goal-scoring ability in the Manchester City shirt. Similar to many other players and athletes, during the many months of football interruption due to CσᴠιԀ-19, Aguero searched for a new hobby, which is streamer.


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During his retirement, the Man City legend created an account on Twitch to livestream his favorite games, mainly FIFA 20.

According to the audience, Aguero is not a very good gamer, however, with his existing reputation and unexpected comedic ability, Aguero’s stream channel still receives more than 1.5 million views. followers, with an average viewership of about 30,000 – 70,000 people.



Aguero loves streaming FIFA 20, even though he loses a lot of matches


Aguero has invested in his room with a lot of machinery to serve the livestream

But the story doesn’t stop there. Because he is not very good at playing games, sometimes the player’s stream channel also falls into a state of no audience. And recently, the gaming community has dug up a trick that Aguero often uses to attract views for his channel, which is… calling and gossiping with his close friend – Lionel Messi, at the end of the month. 5 past.

Actually, this is a slightly “cheating” tactic, but extremely effective. Messi’s reputation is beyond debate, but in life, few people have the opportunity to listen to Messi talk, so the moment Aguero called Messi on stream, his channel skyrocketed in viewership. .

Meanwhile, Messi didn’t understand anything, thinking he was simply a close friend calling to check on him after a long time, not knowing that he was being “used” to increase views.

Below is a normal conversation between two Argentine legends

“- Messi: What’s the matter calling me at 9am?

– Aguero: I just had to get tested (Covid-19), my friend.

– Messi: So what does that have to do with calling me so early in the morning?

– Aguero: It’s only 9am?

– Messi: Oh, it’s 9:00 or 10:00, something like it’s time for me to take the test.

– Aguero: Huh, I don’t know, just wanted to say good morning. I scrolled through my phone and saw your number, then thought to myself ‘Oh that’s great’. I’m so bored and now it’s good, it’s only 9am and I said I’d make a phone call, what else do I know?


Even though Messi was bothered by a phone call early in the morning, he still seemed very happy when he saw his close friend express that he missed him.

In the world of football, Aguero and Messi are also the most well-known close friend duo. The two have a very close relationship both off the field and on the national team, despite not playing for the same club. Messi also agreed to be Aguero’s son’s godfather; the youngster also has the illustrious Maradona for a grandfather.

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