‘Viking God’ – Man City Erling Haaland collabed with photographer in a Norwegian fjord for charity

ERLING HAALAND has posed as a viking for a new stunning photoshoot in Norway.

The Manchester City striker held a shield and huge sword as he stood in a freezing lake for the snaps.

Erling Haaland dressed up as a Viking in a freezing lake for an incredible photoshoot

Behind the scenes shots showed Haaland posing in the icy waters

Erling Haaland grinned during the shoot… presumably on leaving the chilly water

Dressed in traditional viking attire, including boots and a fur chest covering, Haaland can be seen in the water surrounded by steam.

With his hair down, he smoulders for the camera, which was held by photographer David Yarrow.

Yarrow and Haaland linked for the photo session after Yarrow and his father Alfie talked Haaland into taking part.

Haaland usually tries to avoid the spotlight when he isn’t netting goals for City.

Haaland may be seen smiling and joking during the session in the behind-the-scenes photos.



City and Norway supporters have both previously donned viking clothing at matches to pay homage to Haaland’s heritage.

Asked about working with Haaland, Yarrow told The Times: “This was such a privilege to do and I undertook the project with humility and a sense of responsibility. His time is precious and I did not want to waste it.

“Erling was a pleasure to work with and the reaction to the image in Norway has been overwhelming.

“I hope we can raise some good amounts for charity as a result of this hour together. I thank the Haaland family for trusting me with the job.”

Fans can purchase the snaps from the photoshoot for between £35,000 and £40,000, with all proceeds from the sales will go to a charity of Haaland’s choosing.


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