Justin Bieber once got kicked out of the gym because of the unexpected arrival of… Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce’s Girlfriend!! 😂

On January 18, 2020, Justin Bieber was at the gym in Hollywood. While he was passionately practicing with other guests, suddenly he and everyone were asked to leave the gym.

Justin Bieber Reportedly Left A Gym Because Taylor Swift Had Booked Out the  Entire Place

The reason is said to be due to the appearance of Taylor Swift. It is known that Taylor Swift previously had a contract with the above gym. In the contract, there was a clause that she wanted to practice in private and did not like other people around for fear of them disturbing her.

Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber

After Justin was told to leave by the gym, he acted tough and stayed behind to practice a few more exercises. He continued to practice until he was forced to leave.

Taylor Swift Gym Appointment Collides with Justin Bieber

Justin didn’t even know that the person who kicked him and other guests out of the gym was Taylor Switf. Meanwhile, Taylor didn’t know that Justin went to practice here that day. If she had known, something would definitely have happened.

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Taylor was not caught at the scene because she used a separate door for the star, while Justin chose to go through the front door.

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