Taylor Swift Strolls Through New York City Wearing Travis Kelce’s Birthday Necklace

During a night out in New York City, Taylor Swift wore Travis Kelce’s birthstone, which appeared to be a major clue about her alleged new relationship with him.

The 33-year-old singer was reportedly “quietly hanging out” with the 33-year-old Kansas City Chiefs star. She was also sporting an opal necklace by Foudre, which is the birthstone for those born in October. Kelce’s birthday is October 5th.

She accessorized the $1,150 pendant—which the brand claims’represents love’—with a $6,365 chain choker.

According to the description, “each pair comes at a time when something just feels right in our lives.” “Our hearts grow as a result of accepting these pairs and integrating them into our hearts.”

“The pairings that we decide to hold onto are our chosen family, friends, lovers, and relatives. They hold a special place in our hearts forever. Forever and ever, without end, and endlessly.

Bejeweled: Taylor Swift wore Travis Kelce’s birthstone on a recent night out in New York City, perhaps giving away a lot about her alleged new relationship with him.

A new romantic partner? ‘Quietly hanging together’ is how the 33-year-old singer and the 33-year-old Kansas City Chiefs star are described.

Whoa! October birthstones are represented by opals, which Taylor was wearing in her Foudre necklace. Kelce’s 34th birthday is on October 5.

Taylor and Travis have been having discreet meetings, a source revealed to The Messenger last week.

“She saw him a few weeks ago when she was in New York City.”

At the time, DailyMail.com reached out to Swift and Kelce’s agents for comments.

This comes after he said he made an unsuccessful attempt to flirt with Swift during one of her tour stops in July.

The sportsman claimed to have inscribed his phone number on a bracelet that he intended to present to the pop sensation.

He attempted, but was unable, to meet Taylor backstage at one of her recent Kansas City shows.

He joked on his podcast New Heights, “so she doesn’t meet anyone and she didn’t want to meet me, so I took it personally.”

Jason Kelce, an NFL player, and Travis’s brother co-host the podcast together. Travis faced Jason Kelce in the Super Bowl this year.

Travis is a member of the Chiefs football team. The Kansas City Chiefs, Travis’s club, defeated Jason’s squad, the Philadelphia Eagles, in this year’s Super Bowl.

On the podcast, Travis expressed his disappointment at Taylor’s decision to conserve her voice for the 44 songs she performs during her performances and that she doesn’t speak before or after. Not being able to offer her one of the bracelets he had crafted for her also saddened him.

“There are friendship bracelets at Taylor Swift concerts,” the athlete stated. While I was there, I received quite a few, but I wanted to give her one that had my phone number on it.

Despite not having the opportunity to meet Taylor face-to-face, he was all praise for her concert, describing it as “an unbelievable show.”

Jason made a joke about how Taylor, a Pennsylvania native and avid Eagles supporter, didn’t want to meet Travis.

Taylor Swift releases songs by mysteriously opening the vault.

Glitz: She accessorized a $6,365 chain choker from the same brand with the $1,150 pendant, which the firm claims “represents love.”

Gorgeous: The actress exuded beauty as she left the house.

Kansas City Chiefs’ wide receiver On September 7, in Kansas City, during the second half of an NFL football game against the Detroit Lions, Kelce, to the right, congratulates tight end Noah Gray, 83, of the Kansas City Chiefs, following a catch.

How they acted: Influencer Kayla Nicole, who Travis briefly dated for five years until their final breakup in 2022, was spotted in February.

Zoë Kravitz, Laura Dern, Greta Gerwig, and Taylor Swift went out together.

I remarked, “Well, she probably isn’t over the Super Bowl yet.” “Maybe she just made something up to avoid talking to you,” he remarked, pointing out that she is a huge Eagles fan.

Influencer Kayla Nicole and Travis had an intermittent relationship for five years until splitting up for good in 2022.

In the meanwhile, Taylor has dated a number of well-known celebrities, including Calvin Harris, Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer, Joe Jonas, Tom Hiddleston, and Taylor Lautner.

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