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Odell Beckham Jr. Melts Hearts: Shares Heartwarming Video with Son Zydn, Emphasizing Fatherhood’s Joy

Odell Beckham Jr., an NFL wide receiver, tells PEOPLE about changing diapers and midnight feeds while discussing his partnership with Moon.

Odell Beckham Jr.’s aspirations came true with the birth of his son.

While speaking with PEOPLE about his ongoing collaboration with Moon, which includes the design of a new platinum toothbrush, the NFL wide receiver opened up about his life as a new father to his 8-month-old son Zydn.

“I’ve always known I wanted to be a father because of how much I adore children.” “They’re close to my heart,” Beckham Jr. said of his previous team, the Los Angeles Rams, who won the Super Bowl in February 2022.

Beckham Jr., 29, and fiancée Lauren Woods welcomed their first child together only days after the huge triumph, and the first-time father says he’s been “all in” with fatherhood ever since.

“It was the most incredible blessing of my life.” “I knew it would be, but it really hit me when I was holding him,” he recalls, adding that the couple’s home birth was “sacred.”

“When I first met him and looked into his eyes — his very soulful eyes, very much like mine — you could tell he didn’t know anything about the world… it’s just happiness and joy,” Beckham Jr. explains.

“Nothing is better for me than my son.” I’ve been waiting for him for a long time. I’m completely committed. I am in charge of changing the diapers. “I wake up in the middle of the night,” he continues. “His mother is still breastfeeding, so I get that duty off occasionally, but [sometimes] it’s bottles in the middle of the night.”

While joking about the idea of inventing a baby toothbrush for his son in the future — “It’s not easy to clean an 8-month-old’s four teeth!” he exclaims — the athlete explains how his ongoing work with Moon fits into his daily routine.

“I’m pretty sure it started with floss sticks all the way back when I used to carry them around in my little pocket,” he recalls of his dental hygiene obsession. “I was just obsessed with keeping my teeth clean.” Working with Moon became organic, and everything seemed perfectly aligned.”

“I wanted to design something special and elegant,” he says of the brand’s new platinum toothbrush, “and I think that’s why we went with the platinum color inspired by jewelry and diamonds.”

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